Old Earth Creation Society
"To better know the laws of the heavens,
and how God set up their rule over the earth."
(Job 38:33)
Old Earth Creation Society
"Bringing Evidence of Old Earth Creation to the Church"

Fundamental Expectations and Standards
  • Biblical Inerrancy or Infallibility – God’s Word is true
  • Scientific integrity
  • Scientific truth changes, is self-correcting as new discoveries
    are integrated
  • Biblical truth never changes, but man’s understanding of it may
  • Focus on issues and not on organizations or people
  • Mistakes are forgivable, we all make them

  • GMGHP = Grace, Mercy, Gentleness, Humility, Patience
  • Speak the Truth in Love
  • Gracious communication

  • Focus on issues not on personalities
  • Biblical integrity
  • Scientific integrity